The Way of Pursuing Proper News Translation From English to Chinese

News as journalism is a genre of publicizing latest events. It informs us of what is going on in the world at large. So if we want to introduce China to the world and let people from other countries know us well, we should adopt a proper way and should pay more attention to the translation of news into English and avoid the appropriateness.

The reconsideration is accepted by so many people. And it is widely used to translate it. Such as the news from “The Guardian, Dec.26 2001”

“Japan’s Foreign Minister Makiko Translate to English Tanaka stressed Tuesday at a press conference in Tokyo that the Japanese government will certainly make great efforts for China’s peaceful reunification.”

And from “The United Press International, April 14 2004”

“Vice President Dick Cheney held talks with China’s President Hu Jintao, his predecessor, Jiang Zenmin, who stepped down from communist party and government posts but retains control over the military, and Premier Wen Jiabao, responsible for the overall operations of the nation’s cabinet…Hu reiterated the Chinese position of adhering to ‘peaceful reunification, and one china, two systems,’ and its commitment to the ‘peaceful solution of the Taiwan issue, but…not…Taiwanese independence”

Both of these approve that our translation has affected the opinions of other country. It plays a very important role.

“According to a spokesman for the Beijing Trade Union, Trade Unions will be organized in all three kinds of ventures.”

The three kinds of ventures include enterprise for Sino-foreign joint venture, enterprise for Sino-foreign co-production and enterprises with sole foreign capital. If we just translate it as enterprises in three forms of ventures, the readers will not know which three forms are they. And this may affect the trade between China and overseas. It is harmful for us economy development. Therefore, we should express it more clearly. “According to a spokesman for the Beijing Trade Union, Trade Unions will be organized in all Sino-foreign joint ventures, co-production, and solely foreign-owned enterprises.”

All above examples have shown some inappropriateness in English news translation. Our Chinese culture is different from most of western countries and we have some exclusive features in journalistic English translation.

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