Are we going to continue with this bureaucratic madness?

I regard all the viruses lurking in our atmosphere as predators waiting to pounce on us like the hungry lions and tigers. Usually, a healthy individual will betrouwbare corona testen resist a virus infection depending on the strength of one’s immune system. But once any mental or physical factors weaken our immune system, we can become prey to any such virus. Thus the onus is on every individual in society to maintain a level of fitness which will protect the person.

However, we have do-gooders in society who want to save us from ourselves like the medical profession and the government. They want to show us and prove to us that they can save human lives, no matter what the cost. There is, of course, a political motive in all this. No one wants to die, so no one is going to object to someone who is going to protect us. How can anyone object to such a noble cause when one is saving lives? Politicians and the medical profession become our heroes, and they get our votes.

Yes, it is relatively easy to save lives and become heroes if we think in a bureaucratic way and ignore the negative consequences of our action. But there are higher responsibilities attached to the jobs of our medical and political leaders than just trying to save human lives if they cared to think about Suppose you are in charge of a rescue boat overloaded with people. You know that if you take one more person aboard, the boat is going to tip over and sink. There are people in the sea still begging to be rescued. Do you have a choice? Please think. Will you feel like a hero? Do you still believe in saving life at whatever the cost?

As I see it, we have to come to terms with the coronavirus and treat it in the same way as the influenza virus. The world cannot afford to remain spooked. In my mind, there is no such thing as the future. The future is what we create through the actions we take in the present. If we take no action now, our present becomes the future.

Are we going to reassess our approach to the coronavirus? Are we going to remain spooked? Will our medical and political leaders wake up to their responsibilities? Are we going to continue with this bureaucratic madness?

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