Want Your Website on the Top Search List? Use SEO

You need to remember a few key points in order to generate heavy traffic towards your web page. The content should be great, quality blogs which are to the point and plagiarism free. Before you hire an employee make sure he/she is skilled and knows how to make the most of SEO.

Key factor, the keywords:

Well before you start writing on any particular topic do the keywords research to ensure seo dubai Google does not ignore your efforts! Use Google AdWords in this regard. Find all the words, phrases, sentences that people are looking for. Follow the latest topics. 2-3% keywords in the entire article are not enough. Add the primary keyword in the title of the blog, in the first and last paragraph both. Because then the keywords stand out to the search engine flatterers, as well as the readers. Remember people are looking for particular phases, give them what they want. It’s one of the tricks of the profession for the professional and regular writers of SEO.

Make your article long enough that it counts. Use WordPress as your blogging tool, the easiest one to use. Edit your work regularly. Watch out for the most appealing formats. Like your title should contain the keywords only once, use the key words in Meta data, don’t repeat the keywords too often in the URL. If there’s an urgent need of change, implement it. Don’t forget to read the comments on the blogs and link them to the site. Be a regular writer so that you don’t lose your visitors.

What if you neglect the keywords?

By ignoring the key words, you are going to mess up with your blog big time. Let’s take an example. For example your keyword is “iPhone”. Now there are many people who want to buy, sell, inquire or know about iPhone. You have to be definite about your key words. Keyword research is important because your SEO ranking is dependent upon it, make sure your keywords are low in competition. Keep a track on monthly keywords research. You might get hooked up with random posting. Imagine your hard work goes in vein despite of the fact you have written something exceptionally, even the topic was trending but since you did not pay attention to SEO, you did not collect any organic traffic.

I hope after reading this article you have a clear idea of SEO and the importance of keywords. So, go do the research, use simple and easy words, use images to explain your articles, be colorful and fluent.

Lastly, don’t forget to make the most out of SEO and technology. Happy Blogging.

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