Working Over Christmas?

While most of us are looking forward to a well-earned break some people have to work right over the festive period. This isn’t always a bad thing, but it can bring out a scrooge like mentality in someone.

People who normally have to work at Christmas:

– University students. The temptation is there, when given two weeks off to party, relax and forget all about studying. However, many students who take this road find themselves returning to university and having two weeks to study for exams, write essays and complete assignments. 期間工 While you may want to go out partying with your mates till all hours maybe take every alternate day to sit down with your notes. It’s not just lack of revision that will count against you; tiredness is also a big contributor to performance so make sure you are well rested and prepared.

– Public sector workers. People who work in the public sector, e.g. NHS workers, policemen, firemen, have to work Christmas. They tend to be aware of this when they go in to work in this field. However some don’t think that far ahead. Be aware that you choose this as a profession you must be prepared to work Christmas day. You can either postpone Christmas day or celebrate early. Christmas is just a day; don’t lose your festive spirit – just work with what you have.

– Self-Employed workers. Farmers still have to feed their animals, chemists still have to periodically check experiments, shops are only closed on Christmas day, chefs have to cook food and waitresses have to serve. If you take a part time job in a shop or a restaurant it can come a nasty shock to see you need to work. Of course most of the time you will receive time and a half or double time. Look for the positives.

Besides the extra pay over the festive period, working Christmas day tends to be enjoyable because everyone is in such a good mood because it’s Christmas. If everyone comes together and thinks ‘yeah its rubbish we’re working on Christmas day but let’s make the most of it’ you will have a much better time than if everyone skulks around in rotten moods.

Don’t forget Christmas is more than just a day and if you make the most of what you have you can enjoy Christmas no matter where you are.

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