There Is More To Web Design Than An Attractive Website

The thought of web design conjures up an image of a digital art form. It is considered as a form of art online. However, there are more to Web Design than making a website look attractive with a vivid color scheme. An effective design should include usability, site structure, functionality, and much more. Here is a discussion on the different building blocks of an effective website design.

Web Site Structure is Important in Web Design

An important element in any website design is the structure of the site. This signifies the platform used for presenting the website’s content. It could the PHP, CSS, HTML, or any other coding options, or using a script like Joomla or WordPress. There are pros and cons to each of these options which can influence the search engine rankings.

Search engines prefer faster loading of websites and hence, bulky codes that can cause slow loading of websites could adversely affect SEO rankings. It could be dealt with W3C Markup Validation Service tool that searches for mistakes and fix problems for better performance.

Usability is Crucial for Successful Web Design

Usability helps new visitors in easier navigation of sobitech the website, interact as required and find out what they are searching about. A good design will have sitemaps and site structure that help visitors as well as search engine spiders easy to navigate the site.

Readability is another important element of Web Design

Readability of website refers to how easy it is for visitors to read the website. It is wiser to select a dark text like black on a light background like white.

Website Functionality is the Key to Effective Web Design

It is important that the functionality of your website makes it easy to interact with the visitors. This is important for websites that have interactive methods in them. Hence, in a blog page, visitors should be able to comment on the posts correctly.

Ensure following among others for better functionality of a website:

Links are not incorrect or broken
Ensuring easy access to all downloadable content
A proper search method whereby visitors can get to content in few seconds
The webmaster tools of Google crawl your website and find out links that fail to work and other issues influencing the functionality.

It should be noted that web design is not about how attractive and pretty a website is, but it is how well the website is functioning, how easy it is to read, how easy it is to use, and the coding used when building the website. By working out each of these elements, you can ensure a successfully designed website that is friendly to both the visitors and the search engine.

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