The Golden Grid Connection

Many people have asked me WHY I do what I do-am I crazy? Why should I care what happens to anyone else, and why don’t I just take care of myself? Good questions, for most ‘normal’ people. Most ‘normal’ people would probably decide the answer to that first question is a definite YES. They would be wrong, but then, everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion. In my opinion, there is no other choice now, but to help as many people as possible.

You might wonder what the heck could cause a rational (?) person to leave a professional position in life, sell most of what they own, pack up most of the rest of the Járórács stuff, and go on the road (without a schedule) to help people get ‘hooked up’ with Higher Consciousness. I’ve often wondered that myself!

Here’s the short version: I’m on a Mission from God. Not only that, but I have a friend who was sent to help me on that Mission (I have no idea for how long, but for now, I have company…we’re like two cracked peas in a pod). The interesting side-note is what people used to call those who were ‘touched by God’: tetched. As in, in the head. There, that explains it!

Now what do you suppose has to happen, to cause one to pack it all in and take off across country, without guarantees? Well, I’m going to tell you all about the cause of all this trekking. One day, while my friend was filming the anomalies in the projector room (energies that make pretty pictures on a digital camera), she focused on one of the quantum physics devices because it seemed to be flashing at her. She asked to be shown if what I was told her about the projectors was true, or if it was all BS. What followed was an actual response to her questions, complete with even more flashing of lights, and what looked like something spiraling out of the center of each vortex.

We were transfixed, and puzzled as to what these objects could be. We got more pictures; we puzzled some more. After a few weeks of this, and showing the results to others, we started really experimenting. My friend set up the camera and walked out of the room. She went back in 20 minutes to find the most amazing sight: the image of golden concentric circles shining AND MOVING all on their own!

Well, just color us amazed, as we saw what looked like the face of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, and a bunch of other faces. Now, since no one was in the room, hoping to see anything, and the camera was just running all by itself, what caused that to happen? Of course, once we saw over 20 minutes of video, we had to have more…so we took more photos and videos. We now have thousands of such proof of otherworldly crossovers.

I sat in the room and directly addressed the projectors…and asked WHAT they are. Suddenly, I was given an image of an old-time two-way radio. Wow! Giving myself a virtual slap on the forehead, I declared, “OH! It’s a two-way radio system!”. I was immediately rewarded with a vision of about eight very tall, very wise-looking humanoids laughing and saying to each other: “Finally! She gets it!”

Well! It only took me two years, guys–why didn’t anybody tell me that before? That changed things a bit, and opened up more questions. Since then, my friend and I have been experimenting with different configurations of the projectors, as well as the addition of ancient symbols, lights, and sounds. What we have discovered is a method of speaking while “in the beam” that speeds up manifestation.

I already knew, from experience, that the zero-point energy field is great for releasing and moving up a few levels. Prayer, or intentions focused on helping others is quite powerful also when one is in the field. Manifestation is also amazing, and very quick, when in the zero-point energy. In fact, remote work is quite powerful too, and the connection is evident quickly, due to Quantum Entanglement.

This entanglement stuff is very interesting. One person who signed up for the Remote Quantum Vortex emailed me before I even had a chance to place his picture and manifestations in the physical field, and asked me to immediately stop, as he couldn’t handle the energy! I told him I thought that was quite interesting, since I hadn’t even placed him in the Vortex yet. Now, before you laugh about that person “imagining” it, think about how Quantum Entanglement works.

Since we are all connected, even if we are not consciously aware of it…and the speed of Thought is faster than the speed of Light…we are instantly aware of each other’s thoughts when they connect. So, Person A hits the ‘send’ button on the email, and thinks “Ah…now I will be included in the Quantum Vortex”…which Person B picks it up immediately (unconsciously)…and Person B is already connected (consciously) with the Quantum Vortex. Voila! Person A is now instantly connected with the Quantum Vortex, via Person B, and the vortex energies go to work. This is powerful stuff!

So now you are probably wondering: “if this is so, then why go on the road and drag all that equipment around with you?” Good question; here’s the answer: most people have not had the experience of actually feeling the zero-point energy field. It’s not so much that you need equipment to do it, but rather, that most people are unaware of how to do it. Actually, whenever you enter the deep inner space of Love, you are in the field. The reason the equipment helps is because the design comes from The Land of the Loving Ones.

As we have been experimenting more with the whole process, I find myself guided (by being shown) to include certain visualizations during the meditation part of our gatherings. By following the visions, we have had some extremely profound experiences, with many people. We have discovered, much to our surprise, that “this ain’t your normal meditation”-it’s actually an Activation of the Light Body, and an Initiation to higher dimensions…and a conscious connection to the Golden Grid (Christ Consciousness Grid, Crystal Grid, Planetary Grid, etc).

The reason it is so important to have a CONSCIOUS CONNECTION is this: we have been distracted from our true purpose for millennia, by the struggle for survival. Now, as we near our exit gate (2012), things are speeding up incredibly. Life is indeed coming at us, fast. We are in the Time of Choosing…the Harvest…the Transition Time. Whatever you want to call it, we are in it, and we had better be prepared for what is coming.

The preparation involves truly living through your heart chakra, and, beyond that. It involves hooking up all your higher chakras, in balance, so you can move into the next Dimension. If you are not in balance, you risk dissemination of your Consciousness. Now, before you panic, let me explain. The higher dimension requires you to be a higher frequency. Attaining a higher frequency requires work on your part. For those who have not ‘done their homework’ via a lifetime(s) of conscious Higher Consciousness study, it might be too late.

Enter a solution: The Golden Grid Connection. You see, the higher consciousness Beings are loving beyond our belief. When we reach up to their level, and ask for help, they extend their helping hands (and hearts) to us. This requires that we are able to reach them, which we must do by our own efforts. It is not enough merely to be Loving…we must also be Conscious, responsible, logical, and respectful. Those people lacking in such qualities will not be transitioning to the higher dimensions yet.

In other words, we are being asked if we are ready to be responsible Citizens of the Universe. We are being asked to join our Intellect with our Hearts, and to be Trustworthy. Unfortunately, the words do not come close to describing the true meanings of such qualities. The bottom line is, connect consciously, in Love, or be stuck in the lower dimensions for another cycle (over 26,000 Earth years)…or worse.

There you have it: what drives me to do what I do. Well, that, and having Helper’s Disease (the affliction that causes one to sacrifice one’s own desires in order to help others). This strange syndrome is becoming more prevalent, as more and more Lightworkers/Lightbearers awaken. One could surmise that this syndrome is part of The Plan.

One of the most heartening things for me is seeing the connection to Truth and Love that people get when they go through the Golden Grid Connection initiation. Another wonderful thing is seeing that many people all over the world are doing the same thing-seemingly on our own, but in reality, through our Connection.

Wow (Waves Of Wonderment).

©2008 Dr. Valerie Olmsted All Rights Reserved



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