Adding A Personal Touch To Your Parties

Adding A Personal Touch To Your Parties

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Let’s get personal. That’s what many party planners are saying when they make plans to host one-of-a-kind parties such as a bridal shower, baby shower or even a Mother’s Day brunch.

Adding A Personal Touch To Your Parties

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Let’s get personal. That’s what many party planners are saying when they make plans to host one-of-a-kind parties such as a bridal shower, baby shower or even a Mother’s Day brunch.

Adding a personal touch may be easier than you imagine. Here are some ideas you can use:

• Make your centerpiece stand out. Don’t limit yourself to flowers. Centerpieces can consist of anything that fits into the theCanada Visa
me of the event. For visual interest, you can use a large glass bowl with goldfish swimming in it. You can cluster candles or float votives in water. For a baby shower, you can build a pyramid of baby blocks.

• Create unique place cards that mean something to the guest of honor. For a bridal shower, attach name tags to a cookie cutter at each place setting. For a baby shower, order custom cookies in the shape of teddy bears with the person’s name iced on to them.

• Decorate with a theme. Start by deciding on the colors and the theme. Is your mom a gardener? If you’re planning on a brunch for Mother’s Day or her birthday, decorate the room with flowers cut out of construction paper. Make a chocolate cake covered in flowers made out of candies.

For a romantic bridal shower, decorate with hearts. Buy a miniature tree. Ask each guest to write something on a paper heart and use these hearts to decorate the tree. Make garlands of hearts.

Make a party that’s all one color. For example, if the bride-to-be loves lavender, ask your guests to bring something in that color.

• Party favors should be fun. Keep party favors in the same theme as the rest of the party-such as seed packets for a garden party, candles for a party that relies on them for decoration. Or you can give out lottery tickets at any party celebrating a person’s good fortune.

• Don’t forget the cookies. Cookies can be very useful in personalizing a party, either as the dessert or as creative place cards.

Good for any special occasion or holiday, you can make a bouquet out of cookies or even give them out as party favors. Do-it-yourself cookie kits, such as those from Cookies by Design, can take a lot of the mess out of this process.

Besides the kits, the company offers fresh-baked hand-decorated cookie bouquets, individual decorated cookies, pan cookies, and other deliciously edible gifts.


Information About The Best Blackjack Bonus

The best casinos traditionally give you drinks and snacks whilst you play there games, as a little thank you or as a way of keeping you at the tables and slots spending your money. It’s not possible for online casinos to give you these incentives so the online casinos all offer bonuses, a fantastic amount of free money to entice you to play and to keep you playing. However, you can’t immediately just claim your bonus money and cash it out. You must play real money games before you can cash out the bonus. There are a number of blackjack bonuses including but not limited to those discussed below.

Blackjack welcome bonus (or match bonus): These are given following your first deposit; the casino gives you either 100 or 200% of what you deposited. The casino doubles or quadruples your money. Always make sure the casino you wish to register has the best bonus offer available.

Blackjack Reload Bonus: These types of bonuses are given if you deposit money for a second time at the casino. They may not be as generous as the initial welcome bonus, but you’ll also find casinos still offering a 100% match bonus for your second deposit. More than this, the best online blackjack casinos commonly even give out free money for your third, fourth and fifth deposit as well. Some casinos call these welcome packages. Ensure you search the internet for the best bonus.

Special Payment Bonus: You’ll receive this bonus if you use one of the site’s preferred payment options. Usually casinos increase your deposit with an additional 10%-20% in these cases. They do this because some forms of payments might be disadvantageous for them. So in order to avoid large operator fees, they encourage users to use alternative methods.

The best blackjack bonuses are ones with low play though requirements. Some online casinos will try to make it hard for you to earn a bonus by requiring you to wager your bonus money more than 50 times the original amount. The best blackjack bonus is one where the play though rate is 30 or below.



Sky sports activities live soccer score Centre

Sky sports activities live soccer score Centre

football season is right right here and no longer something can beat the revel in of looking the sport along with your friends, besides possibly catching the immediately replay using the good soccer apps in your iPhone and iPod touch.

Downloading a few soccer apps on your iPhone or iPad enhances the pleasure of the game. you can test the stats while searching the game, recognize the contemporary information approximately your preferred organization, or stump your pals with sports trivia. As an homage to one of the worldwide’s maximum famous video video games, we gift the important listing of soccer apps to your iPad and iPhone. ufa

five football Apps that you definitely should down load:

1. Sky sports activities live soccer score Centre

This unfastened software offers a applicable blow-through-blow remark and updates of stay football fits. It additionally offers person information that consists of fixture lists, information, leagues tables, and other pastime information that any soccer enthusiast would die for. notwithstanding its layout and alertness that want improvement; in particular, the accelerometer and the swipe navigation, that is one of the maximum famous soccer apps because of its functionality of offering iPad or iPhone customers correct and up to date stats.

2. Kick football news Lite

this is a instead-inexperienced software that components its person a spread of soccer news coming from different authoritative resources. compared to the complete version, Kick football news Lite does now not allow the individual to clear out news testimonies and updates by way of membership. however, that may be a unfastened software, so what do you count on? additional thumbs up points for its time-saving integrated internet browser.

three. English football Chants

For a few pounds nicely well worth of download, you could get to enjoy the identical rush inside a live football stadium. This high-quality application affords sofa potatoes the environment of a live soccer recreation entire with hooligan chants and whatnot. in case you suspect your rival group-loving pal merits a few exquisite virtual taunting, then ship him a chant or . you can also use this software program as a proxy whilst your throat is just too sore to cheer to your group.

4. My football

With similar capabilities that some of soccer apps have, this application offers updates on game results and scores live thru your iPad or iPhone. A extremely good benefit of My football from related applications is its massive and truely beneficial database that covers 40 soccer leagues. It has a very useful retrospective database which could accurate any historical mistakes concerning football. In reality, this statistics base can confirm soccer stats and different data that date lower back as a ways because the 1900s. No kidding.

5. FIFA 10

can not wait to get hold of the tv some distance flung for an remarkable antique soccer recreation? Then this software is for you. FIFA 10, similar to most cool soccer apps these days, helps you to enjoy soccer anywhere and each time. With its model for iPhone, you could revel in a very-featured sport that lets in you to get entry to 570 plays and lets you create a person through “Be A pro.” by the time you get used to its controls, you may never download each different the sort of football apps all over again. hopefully.

need extra football apps to provide you the football fix that you need? go on-line now and checkout Apple online preserve for greater soccer apps downloads to your iPad and iPhone. Viva!


Social Networking Within Organisations: Brave New World Or Revolution From Hell?

The Phenomenon of Social Media

The lightning fast rise of social media has triggered businesses to also socially interact with their customers online. Social networking sites such as Social Medicine, Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Orkut, HI5, LinkedIn, and Neighborhood, have many users that sign up to their services at astonishing rates. Facebook has Buy Barong Tagalog  over 500 million users and is the most popular site accessed, with almost 40% of global Internet users visiting the site in December 2010.

Social media makes it easier than ever to communicate online in real-time. Consumers have the need for information and opinions posted by millions of people. Organisations have taken this level of need and have signed up on many social media services. Some see this new craze of socialising as an opportunity to expand their network of contacts, accelerate business processes, engage with and listen to customers more closely, and even identify and recruit high-caliber employees to socially interact with their online customers.

The New Frontier

Some organisations have not followed suit in this new world of social networking. Approximately 75% of organisations agree that the number of visits their employees were making to social networking sites had increased. About 60% of organisations thought this had damaged productivity; while over 75% of organisations believed corporate reputation could be seriously threatened if staff posted negative comments about their organisations online. Having said this, approximately 70% of organisations want to restrict employee access to all social networking sites.

The large risk already known to most is to see personal identities stolen and corporate networks infected with unwanted malware, as cyber-criminals hijack their social networking access for their own malicious purposes. The real threat are spammers and virus-writers, who set up false profiles, scan through social sites and piece together job titles, phone numbers, and email addresses, and attack corporate networks.

The List Of Sites Goes On

It’s only taken three or four years for this level of social networking to grow and sneak into the business domain. Some reasons for quick growth include mobility such as laptops, working from home and increasing erosion of traditional concepts of office hours. More people are finding their work and home lives blurring and blending into each other.

Research has shown that over 10% of people visit social networking sites for business reasons. This growing trend is reflected in the appearance of an increasing number of business-oriented sites, such as LinkedIn, Viadeo, Huddle and Tradespace, which are all designed to help organisations initiate and strengthen relationships with colleagues, clients, suppliers and partners, wherever they are in the world. Moreover, this is a medium that not only promotes exchange of knowledge, ideas and information, but can also make it an energizing and a rewarding experience.

Normal Business Practice

Social networking can increase team spirit among staff and improving morale, motivation and job satisfaction. However, those skeptical about the value to organisations argue that social networking can easily turn into “not-working” and may even become highly addictive.

When deciding on the social networking policy, the organisation will have to weigh the pros and cons, the risks and benefits in the context of their own particular field of business, their aims, their working practices and their business culture.


All the indications are that social networking is not just a passing fad. The genie is now out of the bottle and has already enticed millions of users. So it will surely be around, in some shape or form, for many years to come. But deploying a proven Web security solution, can help ensure that social networking doesn’t become the revolution from hell.

Social Medicine is a new world of social networking, that promotes exchange of knowledge, ideas and information, making user experience an energizing and a rewarding one. is putting the social back into all things medical. Designed to help individuals dealing with particular illnesses, help share their thoughts, experiences, and knowledge with others who experience the same condition. It is designed to be a social, fun and a relaxed way to learn and share information. Its emphasis is on connecting people and has all the social networking features and functionality expected. is differentiated from the other medical social networking sites as it primarily focuses on illness sufferers within the health communities. Social Medicine fosters a community support experience, where real people in similar situations come together, to circumvent negative feelings like disconnection and loneliness, and focus on improving self-esteem, understanding, communication, relationships, and peer support.




People Power – Using Social Networks for Social Change

Most of us use social networks nowadays, whether it’s the more prominent Facebook and Twitter platforms, or the image and video based channels. It has become a part of modern daily life, and many people have contrasting opinions about whether that’s a good or a bad thing.

Some people say that social networks are the cheaphostingforum opposite of social: teenagers nowadays home alone on their computers, chatting to their friends, rather than actually leaving the house to see anyone. However, some claim that social networks bring us all together: for example, we can talk to friends and relatives all over the world, at no cost, via social networks.

Although, what many don’t seem to realise is the capacity and potential of social networks. Mainly: the potential to reach and empower people as part of an online community. Social networks literally provide normal, everyday people with a platform to communicate and reach like-minded people. Places like Facebook have the potential to connect people, and allow them a safe place to discuss ideas and inspire a whole social community of people.

In short, social networks can bring about social change, and it’s been proven countless times.

One infamous example has to be after the 2011 London Riots. Of course, we are not referring to the stirring up of the riots, but to the social action that occurred following. 19-year-old Annie Lorraine of London borough Woolwich decided to create a Facebook group after the riots, as a clean up mission, simply called: ‘Community Riot Clean Up – Woolwich’. The group amassed a total of 900 members who all came together to help clean up the area after the colossal mess of the riots.

But of course, Annie’s wasn’t the only social network group of volunteers, and throughout London much of the riot clean up was solved by volunteers, brought together through social networks and online communities. The people who started these missions can all be called social entrepreneurs, for bringing people together and starting online communities to bring about change in their London communities.

That 2011 London clean up mission is just one example of social networks aiding social change, and there are now and have been many more since. One of the main ways that people ignite change through social networks is via Facebook, through starting a Facebook Group. For example, there are many examples of social entrepreneur empowerment groups, which are all free to join on Facebook. These communities help inspire other people to achieve the social change we all aim for.

However, it’s not just Facebook that’s capable of inciting change and online communities; Twitter is just as effective. Keep Britain Tidy is an avid member of Twitter, with approximately 14,000 followers (at the time of writing). They often Tweet images of volunteers helping keep Britain tidy, and cleaning up areas and beaches, for example. This helps invite others to join in the cause, and begin their own groups within their communities to help the areas that need the clean ups.

Social change is not just about the nationwide changes. Many Twitter users often use the platform for social change through utilising trending hashtag campaigns, in order to highlight issues and invite people to think about change. They often highlight issues to do with racism, sexism and homophobia, and more, in order to inspire others to start thinking differently.

Social change is all around us, and can be as simple as starting a Page or Group on Facebook, or inspiring a hashtag campaign on Twitter. If anything, social networks have changed the way we can impact on the world and our local communities around us. We can now gain responses far easier, as well as contacting people freely all over the world. This means we can get more conversations started about global social change, and draw and inspire people together and to join our mission.

Social networks have transformed the way we can achieve social change through online and local communities, and has therefore become essential in the mission for global social change. Consequently, they are certainly not to be overlooked by any budding social entrepreneur.




3 Tips That Will Make Your Music Stand Out While Marketing Your Music Through Social Networks

Marketing music by means of social networking has become the number one way emerging artists communicate with potential fans. This is a good thing, actually a great thing! But it can also be bad, very bad. Music Marketing through social networking is good because it’s cheap, easy, and in many cases your marketing message reaches far beyond what traditional music marketing has been able to accomplish in the past. It’s bad because there are so many artists and groups who have adopted social networking edulize as their only form of music marketing that it has become watered down and over saturated. Meaning, there are so many artists and groups using social networking to get their music in the hands of potential fans that it is hard to stand out and be heard.

Using social networking as a means of music marketing is about directly communicating with people and personally asking them to listen to your music. It is not about how many friends you can get on your page in a day or how many “blind” twitter messages you can send out shouting for people to listen to your music. Social networking is exactly that, being social and networking among like minded individuals or groups. The following three tips will help you get the most out of music marketing through social networking.

Tip 1 – Social networking is about being social

The number one way you can stand out on a social networking site is to be social. You have to interact, leave comments, take time to learn about other people, and reach out and talk to people. Marketing music on social networks is about making friends. You will never make friends if all you are doing is sending friend requests and never visiting your “friends” until you want something from them. Think about social networking like the real world. You have to build friendships. You have to be interested, you have to contact friends from time to time and ask them how they are doing, and it has to be a give and take relationship. Meaning, you have to be willing to give your friends your time, effort, and devotion in order to get any of these things from them.

Tip 1 – Solution:

Do not send “blind” friend requests. Take the time to go on each profile page you visit and learn something about the person you are asking to become your friend. If, once you learn a little about them, you feel this is someone you would actually like to be friends with then send the friend request. When you send the request make it personal. Talk about something interesting you found on their profile. What you are trying to do is show them you took the time to learn about them before asking them for friendship. If you do this you will see a huge increase in CD sales and fans attending shows. Why? You are actually finding friends that have similar interests as you instead of trying to get anyone out there to agree to be your friend!

Once you become friends with someone cultivate the friendship over time. Make sure you comment on their page at least weekly, ask them to take a look at your page and give opinions, etc. Simply be a friend more than long enough to get them to add you as a friend!

Tip 2 – Be consistent with your branding message

Marketing music through social networking is about getting your name, music, and brand in as many social networks as you can possibly find. We all know of the three or four “big boys,”,, and But there are hundreds of other social networks that are used daily to market music. One of the biggest challenges an emerging artist faces when setting up his or her user profile is what to say, what pictures to use, and what is the best way to promote music within the social network. It is very easy to think, “I want to be creative and show all my different sides so I will make each of my social networking profiles different.” This is a huge trap!

Do not confuse your potential fans with many different images, songs, and sales pitches to buy your music. You want one message, one song as a single, and one “brand” carried across all your social networking sites. Why? Momentum. Momentum builds naturally when one song or “brand” is being offered to the masses. Think of it this way – Let’s say someone hears your song on one social networking site and tells a friend how cool the song is. Then that friend goes to their favorite social networking site and looks you or your band up. When they land on your profile and search for the song their friend told them about but can not find it, they are confused. They will automatically think, “Is this the right artist or group my friend was talking about? Do I need to search again?” This is not good. Momentum can only build from one person to the next if the same “brand” is present on all marketing outlets.

Consistency in branding will help you stand out within the over saturated social networks. When your potential fans keep seeing the same message over and over on different social networks they will remember it. This will drive them to investigate who, what, where, or why they keep seeing the same thing no matter where they are online. It will make them click on your profile and listen to your music.




3 Success Secrets on How to Manage Social Networks Effectively

The discussion whether or not to use Social Media Marketing has died down. By now, the business community agrees that social networking is a must for every business. But using online networks is not an easy and fast fix, like thought before. In fact, a recent study has found that people who use social networking successfully spend an average of 6.5 hours a week on it. That is a long time in order to be successful. Now the issue is to find a way to manage the networks better in order to recoup some of the time. Let me introduce you to 3 secrets on how to manage your networks effectively. You will be more successful and save more time on top of it.

The first success secret is to link your social networks effectively.

It will not be beneficial for you to link all of your networks to each other. The result will be that you have a lot of double (or even triple) content in each of your networks. You really want to have each piece of content only one time in each network. For you to achieve this goal, you have to think carefully about how to link your online networks. Consider as well in which network you are more present and in which not. Another important point to consider is the question if all your posts fit in each network? You might have a more personable approach in Facebook and Twitter, but a more businesslike approach in LinkedIn. I link my Facebook Fanpage to Twitter, Twitter to LinkedIn and my Blog to my Facebook Fanpage. It works well for me because I am mostly in my Facebook Fanpage. This way, I do not have any double posts, but everything I put into my Facebook Fanpage will be distributed to all my social networks. But just like I said before, consider your particular strategy first before you link your social networks. After you have linked your social networks effectively, you should use a social networking management tool.

The second success secret is to use a social networking management tool like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck.

The main reason why you need a social networking management tool is to save time. You do not have to sign in and out of each network every time you want to check your travelguidebook  messages or you want to post something. Instead, you just sign in to you management tool and you can do everything right from that platform. That alone is a huge time saver. In Hootsuite, for example, you can put your Twitter account, your Facebook profile and your Facebook Fanpage in different tabs. You simply switch from tab to tab to see what is going on in your network. You can also post status updates in all your social networks you have registered with Hootsuite. But be careful with that Рyou do not want to have double content in your networks. Remember how you have your networks linked together before you post. Just try it out and you will be amazed how easy managing your networks can be. Now, off to the third secret.

The third success secret is to use automation without losing authenticity.

Social networking can only be effective if you are authentic. That is a fact. Now, you could argue that automation is not authentic and goes against this very important fact. The solution is that it depends on how much and what you automate. Spending 6.5 hours a week in order to be successful in Social Media is nearly one complete workday of the week. That is a lot of time to use for effective social networking. In order to manage your time better, you don’t have another choice but to automate certain steps of your online networking. Some of the tasks in online networking lend themselves perfectly for automation, like sending DMs (direct messages) to new followers on Twitter. Additionally, you can schedule just a couple of Tweets a week to go out automatically. As long as you still go and check your Twitter account in person and answer your DMs, you are still authentic. Another area that lends itself for automation is to send out your blog post to all of your social networks. You should not automate more than 20 % of your social networking. If it is more than that, authenticity is just not there anymore.


What is the World Internet Summit?

The World Internet Summit is typically a 3 – 4 day internet marketing seminar held regularly in different countries all around the world. It was founded six years ago by Brett McFall and Tom Hua and the very first World Internet Summit was held in February 2004 in Sydney Australia.

Since then WIS has been held in fifteen different countries around the world including: USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, India, Dubai and Asia. Each WIS is different due to the internet marketing experts who are presenting. These online marketing entrepreneurs fly into one location from all around the world to share their online marketing expertise in their specialised area of internet marketing.

Imagine sitting and listening to some of the most successful… most creative entrepreneurs in the world, men and women who make their living using the internet. Imagine having Jay Abraham, Armand Moran, Tom Hua, Ewen Chia, Ted Cuiba, or Sean Roach stand on stage for ninety minutes painting for you the clearest picture of what to do in order to make money using the most powerful marketing medium ever known. So what’s makes WIS different from any other internet marketing events?

1) You get helpful step-by-step information about doing business on the internet from internet marketing gurus who are actually doing what they are teaching.

2) You do not only hear from the BEST internet marketing experts from around the world but you can also go up and introduce yourself to them and ask questions.

3) There are special “Networking Sessions” available.

4) You have the opportunity to connect with other online marketers via the unique Joint Venture Club.

5) You are presented with cutting edge information and the very latest innovative online marketing ideas.

6) An extensive range of topics are covered such as; affiliate marketing, SEO optimisation, webinars, eBook marketing, PLR, eBay, Video marketing, membership sites or even related topics such as wealth mindset, mentoring or internet legalities.

7) Exceptional value for money with every WIS attendee walking away with thousands of dollars worth of bonuses justmyfitness  and VIP tickets to other internet marketing events for FREE! Often these bonuses include products that you can use straight away to start your own internet business.

Just imagine a year after attending your first World Internet Summit… You wake up in the morning, but not to your alarm clock, your enjoy a sumptuous breakfast then you stroll into your study where you check your PayPal account to see how much money you have made while you’ve been sleeping… which is a lot! People are living the online home business lifestyle today.

The World Internet Summit is a great place to start your learning journey, where you will get the tools, the knowledge, and most important you will get valuable guidance from internet marketing specialists who are already doing it. The World Internet Summit is suitable for internet marketing beginners, if you already have a successful online business and you are ready to take it to the next level.

This is your chance to take action and ultimately change your life and become one of the people who are making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year via THE INTERNET!



How To Market My Business Effectively From Scratch

Marketing is like an unspoken language. Anything can be marketed and success can be achieved once done effectively. The desired effect is obviously success so let us work backwards for a minute. That can be achieved by having a flexible plan that has a starting point and an obvious ending. As you have gathered by now, it includes a plan. In the beginning I spoke of marketing being like a language. In any language communication is key. Same thing in marketing. Communication is key. Most people don’t like being talk down to. It can be condescending. Talking webmastershall ‘up to’ has a similar effect. Most people prefer someone who speak ‘with’ as oppose to at. A good communicator should have an excellent command of the English language and uses words that don’t need a person to have to ‘look them up’ in a dictionary. Simple word that have the same meaning as their bigger cousins. The art of communication is the essence that flavors a good communicator. Something that forms the core of any good marketing campaign. It can make you or break you. An part of any well structured marketing agenda. Notice i said ‘agenda’ as oppose to ‘plan’ because i firmly believe that a plan is an idea as oppose to an agenda which is a course of action. We have now changed directions from having a plan to having an agenda so let us go ahead.

The marketplace is dotted with several ‘mom n pop’ businesses that have sprung up overnight. I commend this bold move and know that our support is needed if they are to stay in business. That is why i am devoted to lending my marketing skills in this way. Perchance someone reading my article can be inspired and pick up one or two points.

Google is indeed a great web search tool. It is my choice but others tend to disagree. They use Yahoo, Bing etc. To each his own. There are a number of searches to make before the marketing process can begin.

1. Find an inexpensive web building site equipped with domain name and adequate hosting capabilities. There are several options available. Be very diligent in your search and eventually you will make your goal. The expensive way is to retain the services of a professional web site builder. This is advisable if the degree of difficulty is great. Remember, ‘ a stitch in time saves 9’. Time is precious and for some, time is money. If you choose to go the second route, make sure that you choose the right Template and the proper color schemes. One that is inviting and user-friendly and does not ‘ lose ‘ the message in the process.

2. Naming the site is important. Choose words that adequately describe what you do. I can not stress this enough as this not only describes your function but serves to put you higher in the search engine ranking. You are on your way. Meta tags and spiders are terms that you should get used to as that is the means by which your website is found by search engines (on Google, Yahoo, Bing etc). To enhance web Site Optimization, certain ‘ key words’ are used on your site and in your title. As i said before, the use of these words or phrase are key on your site as it increases your chances of being found thus increasing traffic to the site, giving you a better Marketing presence. Persons who do this function are referred to as SEO’s and are very prevalent in today’s marketplace. Their job is to propel your web site to ‘the top of the class thus maximizing on all Internet traffic. IT is another department you will notice. Their function is basically to pinpoint Internet trends and point you in the right direction. Personally, I don’t care for neither (SEO or IT) as a good marketer should embody both skills.

3. This section has a lot to do with content. It has been proved that sound and pictures (Pinterest) are by far the most effective ways of grabbing someones attention. The old saying that ‘ a picture paints a thousand words’ is true. Having grab someones attention is only the half. Keeping it seals the deal. In today’s world, too much reading serves as a distraction. Being straight to the point and not being long-winded is key.

As you can well imagine, there are various ways of Marketing. Internet marketing is by far the newest and most effective. It embodies several forms of internet usage. The most important and more widely used is e-mail marketing. Marketing to many is merely getting the word out and is often confused with advertising. There is a thin line that divides the two, however there is a line.

One of the most important factors to consider is the product itself. Several questions have to be asked.

1. What is the product?

2. Who does it appeal to most (primary market)?

3. Who make up the secondary market and tertiary (third) markets?

Just like in advertising, Who,What,Where,Why comes into play.

Once markets are identified, THEY ARE FURTHER SUB DIVIDED into Male / Female, age groups and sometime demographics. Sometimes it is better to work from the inside out (this is called Niche marketing). Starting from the core and working out. Sometimes it is better to use several means of marketing / Advertising to get the message across. For example, a concise Internet program coupled with a good flyer campaign and the good old word-of-mouth or in some areas TV and radio with news paper. As you can see the Marketing campaign depend on several things and demographics and advertising availability has a lot to play in deciding your course of action.

A marketing budget should go hand in hand with an advertising one. They are inseparable and carry the same aim except that the marketing budget is geared towards the business and its product. The advertising budget is geared towards exposure through promotion. Having tried to draw the line, i must admit that i am sometimes confused about the two however I never lose focus.

Marketing is truly an art in itself and when you realize that anything can be marketed (a person in Dubai is selling small plastic bags of New York garbage to those who can’t go to NY. Small pieces of the Berlin wall are even for sale). Once it exist, it can be marketed. The old saying that a man’s garbage is another man’s treasure is so true.

Niche Marketing as mentioned earlier is as it describes, ‘niche marketing’. It involves finding that core of supporters that are supportive or appreciative of your product and who is directly responsive to it or your ideas. A niche can be anywhere but when it is established / found, it should be exploited and given the chance to grow exponentially. The beauty in marketing is that every product has its own niche and they often overlap with other niches. This makes the marketing process exciting and an adventure often leading to collaboration or cross marketing opportunities.

Advertising as i alluded to before, goes hand in hand with marketing. Several social media web sites like Facebook, twitter and the like allow a certain degree of ‘free’ advertising among clients but cater to paid advertising ‘en mass’ on a bigger scale. The ‘per click’ system allows you to control both your audience and your budget. Much like Google Ad Sense among others. The best form of adverting today is ‘celebrity endorsement’.



There Is More To Web Design Than An Attractive Website

The thought of web design conjures up an image of a digital art form. It is considered as a form of art online. However, there are more to Web Design than making a website look attractive with a vivid color scheme. An effective design should include usability, site structure, functionality, and much more. Here is a discussion on the different building blocks of an effective website design.

Web Site Structure is Important in Web Design

An important element in any website design is the structure of the site. This signifies the platform used for presenting the website’s content. It could the PHP, CSS, HTML, or any other coding options, or using a script like Joomla or WordPress. There are pros and cons to each of these options which can influence the search engine rankings.

Search engines prefer faster loading of websites and hence, bulky codes that can cause slow loading of websites could adversely affect SEO rankings. It could be dealt with W3C Markup Validation Service tool that searches for mistakes and fix problems for better performance.

Usability is Crucial for Successful Web Design

Usability helps new visitors in easier navigation of sobitech the website, interact as required and find out what they are searching about. A good design will have sitemaps and site structure that help visitors as well as search engine spiders easy to navigate the site.

Readability is another important element of Web Design

Readability of website refers to how easy it is for visitors to read the website. It is wiser to select a dark text like black on a light background like white.

Website Functionality is the Key to Effective Web Design

It is important that the functionality of your website makes it easy to interact with the visitors. This is important for websites that have interactive methods in them. Hence, in a blog page, visitors should be able to comment on the posts correctly.

Ensure following among others for better functionality of a website:

Links are not incorrect or broken
Ensuring easy access to all downloadable content
A proper search method whereby visitors can get to content in few seconds
The webmaster tools of Google crawl your website and find out links that fail to work and other issues influencing the functionality.

It should be noted that web design is not about how attractive and pretty a website is, but it is how well the website is functioning, how easy it is to read, how easy it is to use, and the coding used when building the website. By working out each of these elements, you can ensure a successfully designed website that is friendly to both the visitors and the search engine.