Motorhome Hire – Luxury Without the Pinch

Motorhomes are for those who love travelling at their own free will. No restrictions on the road you wish to take, no compromising on the luxury and certainly no hassles or dependency on others. All you have is the open road and your free spirit. However the best part about motorhome hire is the cost part.

A common misconception about motorhome hire is that it is a costly affair. And this is probably the reason why people are still shy to use this service to fulfill their traveling urges. motorhome hire But this is absolutely far from the truth – motorhome hire is a very cost-effective service. You can compare the prices of your touring in any other way with the prices of motorhome hire. You would surely get sweetly surprised at the result.

The rates of motorhome hire are much lower than any other traveling expenditure. However, the prices differ from one service provider to another. Also, there is a difference in the cost depending upon the following factors:

Motorhome Hire Charges in Different Seasons

The charges of motorhomes hire differ with season. While the prices may experience a slight hike in the summers, they are much lower during the winters.

Motorhome Hire Charges as per Number of Berths

Of course, the charges get higher with the increase in number of berths. But when you compare it with other means of accommodation while on a trip, you will see a cost-effective option in motorhome hire.

Motorhome Hire Charges as per Facilities

Motorhomes are all about luxury along with traveling without the pinch of costliness. But the charges may vary as per the additional facilities provided.

Whatever the reason for difference in motorhome hire charges, one thing is for sure, this mode of traveling saves a lot of money and yet provides good luxury to make your journey wonderful.

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Many people enjoy exploring new destinations but are limited in their choices because they own pets and are reluctant to leave them at kennels or with a minder. There are options available to animal lovers however, such as dog friendly motorhome hire. You can plan an entire holiday so that you can enjoy it with the whole family, animals included.

Many breeds of dogs are highly strung, and require frequent if not constant exercise. To leave a Border Collie or similar breed in a tiny kennel would be cruel, but it is possible to enjoy a holiday with the companionship of your beloved pet and a clear conscience when you rent a pet-friendly vehicle. Here are a few tips that may help to make your trip as smooth as possible:


  • If your dog is not used to travelling in a car, he is not going to like being put in a motorhome and driven hundreds of miles. Start by taking him out in the car for short trips and gradually increase the length of the trip until you feel confident that your dog will be happy on a longer trip.
  • Make sure your dog can see out of a window and that there is some fresh air coming into the vehicle, an open window is preferable, but if not make sure your air vents are blowing out some nice cool air.
  • If your dog has a nervous disposition, it may be worth talking to your vet about a mild sedative to keep your dog relaxed during the journey.


Stop regularly and let your dog run around as much as he wants, avoid the temptation to just make it that extra bit further, just stop, put the kettle on, make a drink and let your dog exercise.


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