Motorhome Hire – The Smart Alternative?

Have you ever thought about buying a motorhome – and been put off by the cost? These vehicles are seriously expensive – even 10-15 year old motorhomes sometimes cost more to buy than a family car. As well as the expense, you have to store them as well – so the motorhome ownership reality is this:

Very expensive to buy
Inconvenient and sometimes costly to store
Unused for most of the year (let’s be realistic… )
Despite all this, a lot of people like nothing more than to get away from it all in a motorhome – motorhome hire and that’s the secret. Getting away from it all – the 9-5 drudge, the neighbors, unfriendly hotel staff, crowded charter airliners – the list is endless. That’s why so many people like to go on holiday; it’s just you, the open road and the countryside. Park up at a campsite and it’s your own fully-functioning home – usually complete with toilet, shower, kitchen and hot running water (beats a tent, doesn’t it?)

So What Can You Do?

If you’re like me, you simply can’t afford to buy a motorhome outright – much as I would love to, I can’t – even if I sell my car. On top of that, most motorhomes are far too big to park where I live. The solution that I’ve found is to hire a motorhome for my holidays. It costs around the same as a typical package holiday and is much more fun. The vehicles are never anymore than a few years old, always in good condition and ready to go when I collect them – I simply fill the fridge with food and head for the hills!

An added bonus is that I can try a different motorhome each time I go away – we took our young niece with us last summer, so we moved up a size to make sure we had enough space to sit out in the evening and enjoy a bottle of wine after the she’d gone to bed. Most companies allow you to travel all over Western Europe if you want, so you aren’t tied to the UK if you don’t want to be. We’ve been right down to Italy! You will also be given a full run-down on how everything works when you pick up your motorhome – so you don’t need to worry about that side of things either.

Try Before You Buy

Even if you are planning to buy eventually, it helps to get some experience before you do so – after all, this is not a purchase you can afford to get wrong. The range of motorhomes on the market is huge, and deciding on the right internal layout and size of vehicle can be difficult if you have never used a motorhome before.

Renting is the ideal solution – take one or two holidays in rented motorhomes to narrow down your requirements – then head for the showrooms, armed with real experience and knowledge of your requirements. It’s a much better way to find the right deal for you.


I hope so. Hiring a motorhome for my summer holidays has proved to be one of the best ideas of my life! I look forward to it every year and enjoy the freedom from the responsibility of having to service, prepare and pay for my own vehicle – especially through all those months when it isn’t being used.

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