Magickal Oils of Indonesian Shamanism Part 2

Note: The accompanying portrayals of the magickal oils contain unfamiliar words and expressions (Javanese/Arabic/Indonesian)- – they are left untranslated for appropriate ID of the oils and the mantras/supplications related with them.

Minyak Istanbul

Istanbul oil is one of the more normal magickal types effectively discovered sold in the Arab people group all over Indonesia and worn particularly by the educators of Islam. It has different evaluations and the great ones ooze an extremely sharp, however fragrant aroma. When smelled it is barely at any point failed to remember. It stays as an enduring memory. The aroma is very suffering, now and then going on for quite a long time with the rest of one’s personal effects and some say, might be detected as distant as 20 feet- – however this might be a misrepresentation. As a result of its sharpness, not very numerous individuals concur well with it, saying that it makes their head spin.

Minyak Istanbul albeit worn as a customary scent among the teachers of Islam, is additionally utilized by shamans as an intense oil for the reasons for sentiment, sexual fascination, and allure. At the point when enabled with one’s very own energies and thought-structure, anybody inside the scope of the fragrance would glance toward us, yet feel pulled in and want to associate with us. The other gender would discover us wonderful or attractive. Unadulterated Istanbul oil is difficult to acquire, the vast majority of what is sold through commercial centers have been weakened and mixed with different oils.

The oil might be blessed with the accompanying mantra to draw in a particular individual:


“Ingsun matek ajiku sibayang-bayang rasa

“Aji minyak istanbul sing kramat pengasihan

“Siapa lihat dia terpikat dan turut terpikat

“Siang kharisma nabi Yusuf as ada di wajahku

“Allahuma ya Allah” 7x

“Ya Muhammad” 3x

“Inkanat ila syaihatan wahidatan fa idzahum Jamiul ladaina muhdhorun” 7x

“Sing aku pantek si (the name of the individual one wishes to draw in) datang padaku haqqul yakin.”

Minyak Sinyong-Nyong

Among the many marvel oils of the Dayaks is (Si)- Nyong-nyong. This minyak starts with the Iban clan. It is an uncommon mysterious love oil utilized by the locals of Kalimantan generally for keeping one’s life partner reliable, in spite of the fact that it is additionally applied in different issues identified with the heart by the two people.

It is said that men who are influenced by the impact of this oil could never submit infidelity, despite the fact that under bombarded by the most out of control enticement that the more attractive sex may direct to them. In the occasion a man were to capitulate to the wiles and enticement of a flirt, he would find himself losing his sexual intensity and would be not able to play out the intercourse ceremony. Interestingly, albeit inept with regards to different ladies, the body would work typically while satisfying sexual obligations towards one’s legal spouse.

Nyong-nyong is made through a complex ceremonial cycle that is left well enough alone by the makers of this oil. It is generally made during the natal day of the mystically ground-breaking top of the clan. As indicated by sources, on this uncommon day, captivated containers are hung mandatorily on a specific banyan tree animal types for seven days and evenings, at which point the jugs are mystically loaded up with a thick liquid, and this is known as Nyong-nyong. The ritual isn’t generally fruitful which represents its extraordinariness.

Nyong-nyong might be applied from numerous points of view, one path is to have it ingested by the clueless subject. A few drops in the subject’s beverage is sufficient to make him reject the methodologies of different ladies. The effect of the oil may just keep going for a little while or months, during which time the sorcerer would rehash the cycle to keep up business as usual.

When all is said in done, the many love oils of the Dayaks might be applied for affecting another utilizing the accompanying ritual:

Take some earth or soil from the subject’s impressions and envelop it with a white piece of fabric, after which a few drops of an adoration oil ought to be applied on the group. After this is done, the heap of soil ought to be put underneath one’s pad. The subject should then be pictured in a suitable way while getting down on their name in any event multiple times. At the same time, the cushion ought to be turned over and again and beaten.

Albeit hard to secure, Nyong-nyong oil is accessible to those that look for it. Minyak Nyong-nyong might be discovered sold by some scent sellers, vendors, and business clairvoyants albeit the validity of the oil offered is sketchy.

Minyak Air-Mata Duyung

This oil is the eye-discharge, or tears of the ocean vertebrate, called, dugong (ocean cow) or “duyung” among local people here in Indonesia. The animal cries tears for grease of the eyes. The duyung is for some time accepted to be the legendary mermaid and identified with the Greek “alarms”; in any case, the last is regularly alluded to by Indonesian folklorists as “putri-duyung” and is very not the same as the “ikan-duyung” or the dugong. Its logical characterization is as follow :

Family: Pugongidae in the request Sirenia.

Order: Dugong dugon.

When inadvertently trapped in anglers’ nets, maybe out of the agony of battle, the delicate and innocuous dugong sheds these “fake tears.” Most anglers are mindful so as to clear these removes the dugong with q-tips prior to restoring the animal to the ocean. The liquid in the cotton is subsequently squeezed and delivered into vials.

The oil or eye-discharge of the dugong has an awesome however slight fragrance and is profoundly valued for its magickal ability to pull in the other gender and is frequently utilized as an independent or a mix with other magickal oils of nature with high pheromone content. In appearance, the “minyak air-mata duyung” is perfectly clear like water of a stream. As a result of its shortage, it is exorbitant.

Minyak Bulus

Minyak Bulus is gotten from the fat of the new water turtle and is utilized as a functioning element for expanding the size of sexual members like bosoms and penises. It has a thick, yellowish appearance. When buying this oil one should be careful as there are numerous fakes in the commercial center. To utilize this oil one just blesses and back rubs one’s bosom or penis with it. Logical exploration on the ideals of the Bulus oil has not yet been directed apparently, however ages of utilization of the oil offers assurance to it’s stunning properties.

Minyak Apel Jin

During rituals of soul conjurations and summonings, shamans and those associated with Islamic mystery here in Indonesia frequently fitting the Apel Jin oil for encouraging the contact. This oil has a dark appearance. The thicker types of this oil seems like tar and might be scorched on gleaming ashes as incense. The Apel-Jin is for the most part used to summon provincial or house-spirits or those elements having a place with the lower astral domain. Its arrangement is an exceptionally stayed discreet however some say that it contains items extricated from homegrown live-stock or livestock. The Apel-Jin comes in different evaluations and initially stuffed in apple-like metal holders – subsequently giving its name.

Minyak Lintah

Lintah signifies “siphon.” Minyak Lintah is accordingly converted into “Oil of Leeches.” This oil, similar to the minyak bulus, is utilized to build the size of the male penis and many have affirmed regarding its viability. The oil has a dark appearance and is gotten from leeches arranged in a mystery way. The application strategy is comparative as the Minyak Bulus.

Minyak Kesambi and Minyak Banyu Urip

The “Banyu Urip” and Kesambi oils are names of items given by their proficient maker. These oils are removed from the sap of specific trees and afterward engaged with magickal-power. The User just need devour the mixtures for the forces to start to produce results in his body. The ethics of the Banyu Urip oil are: it fortifies the bones; it constructs insusceptibility against sharp weapons; it makes wounds mend rapidly; it reinforces the skin; it gives magickal security against adverse elements and powers; it expands one’s very own attraction; it gives one “sabda siddhi” or it makes one’s words have power; it builds mystic affectability, and so on The Kesambi oil is a class more impressive than the Banyu Urip- – beside resistance against sharp weapons, it additionally makes one immune against shots. The utilization of 7 containers of both of the oils gives enduring lasting impacts of the forces.

Minyak Cimande

Among military specialists of Pencak Silat here in Java, Indonesia, the Cimande (articulated: Chee-Mun-Day) oil is very acclaimed for its force of insusceptibility and its capacity to help the mending of broken bones, wounds, wounds, muscle-pull, bent tendons, and so on The actual recipe and presence of the Cimande oil may shift starting with one shaman maker then onto the next, yet the magickal power saturating them as enabled by these makers, are the equivalent. A portion of the elements of the Cimande oil are scant and not effectively possible; hence, once in a while, the makers of the Cimande oils need to manage with what is accessible and utilize the best substitutes- – this additionally adds to the various appearances starting with one stock then onto the next even by a similar maker. There are a significant number of these Cimande oils sold in customary business sectors however not all are real – most have been weakened by their affiliates to make more benefit, so one needs to practice alert when buying them. The affiliate’s act of cutting the oils is viewed with a lot of aggravation by their makers.

There are fundamentally two sorts of Cimande oils- – albeit more are said to exist. These two kinds of oils may have different appearances, and frequently, in any event, taking after; in any case, they are to be separated by their motivations and not their looks. The primary kind is the standard Cimande “balur” oils utilized for kneads, for recuperating wounds and minor injury cases. The subsequent kind assists with mending broken-bones and applied for significant muscle injury. It likewise develops insusceptibility against sharp-weapons and punches in the client. Some Ci

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