New Balance Golf Shoes – Classy and Durable

Pleasure on the greens (for those who pursue golfing as hobby) and success (for the pro golfer) are determined by many things, prime among which is the equipment used. The golf shoes you choose play a great part in determining how much pleasure or success you will achieve on the golf course and shoe selection should be done with care.

The New Balance label has been around for over a hundred years but has only recently been associated with golf shoes. Despite the company’s relative young age in shoe manufacture, the innovative spirit that made this Boston-based company expand from a small local company to one of the world’s leading shoe manufacturers is evident in its golf shoes. All the great features of the other New Balance shoes are incorporated in the company’s golfs together with additional features in recognition of the fact that a shoes for golf are quite different from other sports shoes.

In addition to having the longevity features that any good shoe should have, a certain class is expected from a golf shoe. These two features, class and durability, are what sets New Balance golf shoes apart from the rest. The New Balance 1275 Golf Shoes, for example, have these considerations in their manufacture. This is a very comfortable shoe courtesy of the EVA foam midsoles fitted and it enables you to golf for long without developing sore feet.

The 1275 golf shoes from New Balance are also fitted with antibacterial inserts known as Poliyou. These inserts fight the deadly smells that are inevitable after walking on the greens for hours and they guarantee that your feet will smell fresh no matter how long you golf. A feature of the 1275 shoes that works in tandem with the antibacterial inserts is Dri-Lex, the shoe’s sweat control system. As with other New Balance performance shoes, the 1275 are also waterproof.

Other models of New Balance shoes include the 1250 series. These shoes are designed to absorb shock as they are fitted with Abzorb, the company’s standard component for performance shoes. In addition, these shoes are made of full grain leather that is 100% waterproof.

New Balance golf shoes are available at greatly discounted prices from online stores. Discounts are available to buyers who have New Balance discount coupons which, fortunately, you can also obtain online. Buying online not only saves you time but also enables you enjoy the discounts which are not available for retail shoppers.

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