How To Wear A Circle Scarf For A More Playful You

Circle scarves are another new update on the whole scarf and shawl accessory department. Compared to the regular scarf, this is basically used the same way but it just does not have an end. Just like the name itself, it is circular and you do not really have to fuss over the ends. It is easier to play around with than the typical scarf. But the question is, how do you wear a circle scarf for a more playful you? Read on to find out about some of the ways on how you can wear this accessory to fit your good-natured and fun-loving chic personality.

Wearing it as a Basic Scarf

A circle scarf may be round and has no ends but that does not mean that it cannot be worn just as it really is which, in fact, is basically like any regular one. You can wear one with your plain jeans and shirt combo or you can even just drape it on you while wearing a dress. There are no limitations to wearing this circle scarf. You can wear it short or keep it long, depending on your personal preference and style.

Wearing it like a Shawl

It is really better to wear a circle scarf as a shawl than a regular one because you do not have to bother with the ends. This is a more modern approach to wearing a shawl.geekowear You simply place the center part on your neck and then adjust it until your arms are around it and the other end of it is in your back. Easy, is it not?

This look is perfect for a date night. You can wear your little black dress and put accent into it by wearing this circle scarf as a shawl. Not only will you look so chic and fabulous, you will feel warm and comfortable especially during a chilly night out. Another great thing about this is you can make it as a perfect excuse to hide your flaws and blemishes without being too obvious and covered up. Like many fashion emergencies, it is best to know how to wear a circle scarf in situations like this.

Wearing it as a Hooded Scarf

If you want to go urban chic, you should definitely try wearing a circle scarf and turn it into a hooded scarf. Can you imagine yourself wearing it like those celebrities who would be sauntering around the streets of Hollywood wearing something like this and to top it off, they wear it with those very expensive and big shades? Well, now you could. With a long circle scarf, you can achieve this by basically placing it on your head and then just simply let the scarf hang down on you.

Of course, not everyone can probably pull this off since besides from the scarf and the shades, you really need the right attitude to rock this one cool outfit. So if you can dare to go rogue, try one of these and wear it and own

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