7 Useful Tips When Trying To Learn Spanish Online

You know, Spanish is a remarkable language full of passion.. When trying to learn Spanish you should be passionate and motivated to succeed!

Tip #1: Lack of time is not an excuse..

There’s a popular excuse for those who don’t to learn Spanish, but they wish the could speak Spanish. They say they haven’t got enough time to learn and study and exercise.. Well it’s only an excuse.. You don’t have to always sit down and spend hours learning Spanish and doing exercises.. There are thousands of online lessons offering audio material. While you wait for the bus or while you’re on the gym you could turn on your mp3 player or cd player and start listening to your favorite audio course.. It’s that simple!

When you watch tv turn on to a Spanish channel for a change, and try to figure out the meaning of the words and phrases you here.. Go get a Spanish magazine or even visit a Spanish website etc..

So don’t make excuses.. You can still learn Spanish online even if you got no time at all.. If you really want to learn Spanish of course..

Moving on to tip #2: Learn the basics..

You know that right? A lot of people start learning thousands of Spanish words of phrases to become Spanish vocabulary masters.. but guess what.. They only use a small percentage of that vocabulary when they speak Spanish with someone.. I think it’s more importand to learn the basic words or phrases and their grammar and pronunciation and master those.. And then if you want you can move on and learn the rest of the thousands of Spanish words..

There are a lot of so called Spanish teachers that will try to teach you old- fashioned Spanish, grammar rules that you will never have to use while you speak Spanish.. It will do you no good.. You have to learn modern Spanish.. Learn the basic words and phrases, master their pronunciation and writing rules and then and only then move on to expand your vocabulary..

Tip #3: Leave the Spanish Language alone..!

Yeap.. And what I mean is that you shouldn’t worry about why is Spanish language and Spanish words written or formated or pronounced the way they are.. Leave that alone..That’s how it is.. You can’t question the origins of the language or the definition of the words.. Well you can,but it will not help you when trying to learn Spanish.. So don’t ask yourself or your teachers or your Spanish lover why is that word pronounced like that or written like that.. or what is the definition of that particular word or phrase etc..

Concentrate on learning the language the way it is.. Don’t waste your time questioning the language itself!

Tip #4: It’s all about motivation of course!

OK when you start learning Spanish online you are motivated and enthusiastic. But what happens a few weeks later?

If you start losing your desire to learn Spanish a good idea would be to plan a trip to a Spain (!) or a Spanish speaking country or if you can’t afford it try visiting a Spanish speaking neighbourhood or a Spanish market or a spanish restaurant . This will really help you a lot and will increase your desire to keep learning and studying..

You could also try to find a Spanish speaking lover (!) or at least a friend who speaks spanish like a native..

This should motivate you a lot and make you keep going and keep studying Spanish.. If you have a Spanish speaking friend or lover (!) you will notice that your ability of absorbing Spanish words or phrases will increase dramatically!

And if that person really cares about you then he/she will try to boost your self esteem and keep you going.. You see, It’s all about motivation when trying to learn Spanish!

Let’s move on to tip #5.. You have the right to make some mistakes!

In fact I urge you to make as many mistakes as possible.. And then make some more, and some more! And after that please feel free to make even more mistakes.. If you want to learn Spanish online that’s the best way to move on to it. But there’s is a catch.. You have to be able to acknowledge and learn from your mistakes.. And try not to repeat the same mistakes on and on..

If you start making mistakes while you speak Spanish, or while you write a phrase in Spanish, or while you try to pronounce something in Spanish and realise that you made a mistake then your brain remembers that particular mistake and it’s easier for you not to repeat that mistake again!

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