How to Choose the Right PDF to Word Converter

People have now become aware of environmental protection, and thus want to build a paperless world. So, the number of PDF files is increasing and e-readers are becoming more and more popular. PDF (Portable Document Format) is regarded as the best format when used for reading & sharing files. To read PDF files without any error and problem, people just need free Adobe Reader. But does anyone realize that this format is difficult to edit? So, what is needed to edit the files in Portable Document Format?

Just imagine a situation… you want to edit your e-book but have lost original MS Word file. How will you edit it? Well, there is one option! You can convert PDF to Word, and editing will not be a problem in Word. PDF to Word conversion software will be needed for this task.

How to Choose Right PDF Converter?

Online Converter & Offline converter are the two types of PDF converters available in the market.


    • Online converters are convenient if there is no internet problem, networking is good and speed of internet is fast. But these converters have certain limitations. They may take longer time than required. They are not secure, because people have to upload their confidential files online.
    • Offline converters are more accurate, fast and reliable. The best thing is they are secure. With many offline converters in the market, the user needs to follow some tips to find a reliable PDF to Word converter.
    • Perform free trial – Look for the tool which offers free trial. Buy it only after due satisfaction with free trial. The conversion quality is extremely important for the users. Original content, images, layout and hyperlinks have to be retained perfectly in Word after conversion.
    • Compare the price – For some users, budget is the main issue. The prices of PDF to Word converter tools differ by brands. A few of the tools are available for nearly 100 USD, while others are available for nearly 30 USD only. One should not underestimate the potential of cheaper tools. They are able to perform basic PDF to Word conversion in a professional way.
  • Check for advanced functions – Check whether the converter tool is able to convert particular pages of the document, and whether it can batch convert. It would be good if the tool can perform these functions.


When converter tool is chosen in a proper way, it will not be difficult to convert PDF to Word.

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