Do you love the appearance of an exhibition wrapped material print, yet need something somewhat edgier for your contemporary lounge, lounge area, or room divider? On the off chance that you need the perfect, frameless style of an extended material without the sharp corners, consider having your photo or workmanship multiplication extended over a round cot bar outline. canvasjet

Round material prints are as yet uncommon and hard to track down; this implies your beautiful divider style will undoubtedly draw praises from visitors, and thankful wheezes from beneficiaries of your remarkable, unique blessing.

Outlining Options

Browse 50 cm, 70cm and 90 cm.

Plan Choice

You will pick how you need your photographs to be dispersed and the shade of the foundation to be utilized.

Flawlessly Wrapped

Your image workmanship is guaranteed to be all around wrapped and bundled to ensure it shows up to you securely with no scratch.

Holder Ready

Simply take it out and hang it straight away on your divider. Serious deal?


Round material prints stand apart from the group. In a domain brimming with square and square shape tapestries, a round material offers an unmistakable mix of custom and innovation. Think about the lavish, tabletop picture edges of old – Victorian occasions directly through to the 1960s. A considerable lot of these casings were round or oval fit as a fiddle, which made a stunning boundary for pictures and profiles by outlining the face and taking out the harsher squared corner. A round material does this however adds a contemporary flare by eliminating the image outline all together. All things being equal, your tight, smooth material is folded over the sides of the cot bar outline and covered at the back for a continuous showcase that stretches out past the essence of the print to feature a profound, 2cm drop edge also.


Your round extended material print will glance dazzling in any area.

Show one picture of every relative, falling down the room or corridor divider.

Have an amphibian themed picture separated into three round boards to show over the sofa.

Add some energy to a most loved family representation by trimming off the edges and mounting those radiating appearances on an enormous, round material in a front passageway with a high roof.

Set your business apart by swearing off a long passageway sign. Select rather for a fun, round show of your organization logo and business name.

Whatever your plan plans or style, a round, display wrapped material print is an incredible method to add interest and measurement to any room.

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