Top 6 Computer Forensics Schools in United States

The data released by Internet World Stats shows that as at 30 June 2009, internet users in the world had increased to 1,668,870,408 users compare to 360,985,492 users in the year 2000. This indicates the popularity and importance of information technology (IT) to our everyday life. However, these also lead to an increase in internet and computer related crimes. As a result, we see an upward trend in the demand of computer forensics specialist over the years.

As this is still relatively new to many, difficulties may arise when it comes to choosing the right schools for those interested in pursuing the degree. Degrees are offered either online or on campus basis, or both. Below are some of the accredited schools offering this exciting field to pursue.

1) American International University, one of the most accredited schools offers Bachelor ‘s (BIT) Computer Forensics, Bachelor’s (BIT) Internet Security, and Master’s (MIT) Internet Security.

2) University of Phoenix offers Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Information System Security.

3) Strayer University Online offers computer forensics programs such as BSIS in Computer Security, BSIS in Security Administration and Diploma IS in Computer Security.

4) Kaplan University offers Bs in Criminal Justice Computer Crime, Bs in Criminal Justice Crime Scene Investigation, and Ms in Information Technology Information Security and Assurance.

5) Ellis University offers BS in Criminal Justice: Forensic Investigation.

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