Treat Panic Attacks Using Stress Release Techniques

Learn how to reduce stress levels to treat panic attacks

Stress is the number one reason for panic or anxiety attacks. Therefore it’s extremely important to reduce your stress levels.

I have learned these methods while searching for a solution for my own anxiety disorder attacks.
Here are some of the best stress relief techniques I have found. You can use them in order to prevent future attacks.

1. Muscle relaxation & meditation:
First of all I want to make something clear.  bazinga Meditation has no direct connection to religion. It is simply a relaxation technique that can help you treat panic attacks better. To get into the meditation state all you need to do is to go to a quiet place and try not to think about anything. Empty your mind. When you feel relax you can start the muscle relaxation. Just flex each muscle in your body. Your hands, back stomach, legs etc. Each time flex for 3 seconds and than release slowly.

2. Breathing exercise:
Using breathing exercises as a stress relief technique is one of the simplest ways to relax yourself anytime anywhere. When people have a panic or anxiety attacks in most cases they begin taking shallow breaths which lead to low amount of oxygen and feeling of weakness. All you need to do is breathe deeply and slowly. Remember to Inhale from you nose and exhale from your mouth.

3. Imagery:
Sit in a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted. Imagine a place where you feel perfectly safe (For example: Beach, forest or even your home). Now pay attention to every little detail. Concentrate on the sounds, smells temperature and the way you feel at that moment. Do this until you feel completely relax. I recommend that you do this technique repeatedly every day if you really want to really reduce your stress levels and prevent anxiety and panic attacks. If you can’t get relaxed by the images that you chose, you might want to change it.

These methods are great for stress relief and can prevent panic or anxiety attacks from happening but if you want to eliminate it completely, I recommend reading “panic away” By Joe Barry.

Hope that you have found this information useful.
Or Baz

Or Baz is a former anxiety & panic attacks sufferer, who now try to help other sufferers overcome their anxiety. To learn what are the symptoms, the causes, the most powerful treatments and much more, visit
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