Starving artist

Pursuing a career in the arts has always been a difficult road. The terms “starving artist ” have been applied to the artists lifestyle for hundreds of years. We are all too familiar with the romanticized version of the struggling artist through literature and know about the horror of the unrealized impoverished genius. Simply put artists not often known for receiving big paychecks at the end of the day.

In many ways this makes sense. The one caveat about the artists life is that the artist spends a very large amount of their time working unpaid hours to perfect their craft or produce their product. It is this unique situation of unpaid hours and high risk that makes for the impoverished theme in an artist’s life. The field is competitive and with the bad economy there is only so much money to go to artistic projects. An individual may spend a large amount of time working on a project and not get the part or have their piece rejected. The artist can experience feelings of rejection, despair and worthlessness. What then?

One important thing to remember that the arts are a valuable asset to society. Artists produce works of creativity that relate to abstract concepts versus some other field like medicine. As mentioned above there is high risk involved with being an artist and an artist must get used to rejection. There are many reasons that an artist will get rejected from a project and it’s not always because their work is not sufficient. Investors, directors, or whoever is hiring may be looking for a specific look or product that you don’t have. The important thing is to keep on working and growing and waiting for the right opportunity to present your work. Prioritizing artistic goals and managing a healthy lifestyle is also essential for happiness and success. Here is where a life coach can be helpful for the emerging artist or mid career artist.

Many artists are known for their creative resources but are not always known for having the best sense of time management or business savvy. A life coach for artists is a highly trained individual that specializes in artists issues. A life coach can help with prioritizing goals, managing time, exploring options for making more money, and finding more opportunities to present work to. They can help with finding coping mechanisms for stress caused by competition and financial hardship. A life coach can also help with identifying negative thinking that may be hindering an artists work and reshape the thinking process to create a more positive approach to working as an artist and also seeing their dreams realized.

Being an artist is hard. But for those who know that the artists lifestyle is for them then finding a life coach might be a wonderful option for getting projects together and making those dreams come true.


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