The 4 Deadly Sins of Affiliate Marketing

Success stories are all over the place about affiliate marketing and how it can make you thousands of dollars a month with very little work involved. While it’s true that you can achieve great financial reward through affiliate marketing, you must avoid the sins that have spelled disaster for so many others trying to make their fortune online.

Deadly Sin #1: Ignorance and Lack of Knowledge

There is no truth to the get-rich-quick hype. Some marketers manage to begin making good money with a few weeks. But this comes after focused and committed daily work to build their site and gain traffic. Affiliate marketing is not simply promoting a merchant’s products and getting paid for it. You must invest some time and effort in learning the ins and outs of internet marketing and your target market. You can certainly buy traffic with pay per click advertising but this is short-term and costly for someone no knowledge and experience. Learn the market, learn promotion, and learn search engine optimization and traffic building. With this knowledge you build a better business and close the door to ignorance.

Deadly Sin #2: Poor Advertising and Promotion Techniques

Many affiliate marketers who have failed or have limited success make the mistake of filling their web pages with product images and banners lacking in valuable content. If the customer cannot understand the features of a product well enough to encourage them to click on that image or banner, you are simply wasting your bandwidth and causing your visitor to click away. Your site is not a billboard. It’s a place to draw in interested potential customers, provide them with enticing information, and encourage them to learn more, leading to a click on your promotional link or image. Give them the information they need or they will seek it elsewhere.

Deadly Sin #3: Promoting Only One Product

Offering a single product for purchase is perhaps one of the most severe of errors made by new affiliate marketers. With sound knowledge of the market and great traffic flowing in you severely limit your potential in offering one single product. You risk losing a potential customer who has a different interest than that you present in your single promotion. You risk fewer sales, and you lose a return customer. It is always better to offer a few alternatives than to give only one.

Deadly Sin #4: Promoting Too Many Products

The complete opposite side of the coin is to promote too many products, especially similar topic products. Your customers end up confused and cannot make a decision. Many will decide to not decide and leave without making a purchase. Your best approach is to present a variety of a few products that you sincerely find value in, offer a good review of the products, and give your visitors the information to make an informed choice. They will appreciate your sincerity and honesty and come back again to see what you recommend in the future.

To succeed in affiliate marketing you must gain the knowledge necessary to implement good affiliate marketing techniques to build your business, understand and cater to your target market through beneficial promotion through information, and provide a variety of products to choose from, you can become one of the affiliate marketing success stories we all want to emulate.


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