8 Top Suggestions For Autosuggestion


What is autosuggestion?

Autosuggestion, Affirmations, Self-hypnosis or I AM statements can be used to influence our subconscious mind into believing positive things about ourselves. The subconscious mind accepts and believes the information which the conscious mind feeds it on a regular basis. Anything we think or say over and over will become an intrinsic part of our character. The notion is, we can condition our subconscious mind to hold only positive self beliefs, and therefore will become the reality we experience.

For example one who exclaims bazinga ‘ I am happy’ everyday is more than likely going to experience and recognise more happiness on a day to day basis than one who says ‘ I suffer from depression’.

Simple isn’t it? I know, but it’s unbelievable how this obvious but infinitely valuable tool is disregarded. It’s almost too easy to be true, but reason attests to truth of this effective procedure.

Things to remember when practicing autosuggestion

1. Say it aloud. Like prayer, autosuggestion is made more powerful when said vocally

2. Believe and feel the emotions connected to the statements. It is imperative, that when making your declarations, that you really FEEL and BELIEVE them. This is the key. If you have trouble actually believing, if there are any doubts at all, then make it more believable to yourself by stating it in future terms. For example if you say I AM RICH, you may look around and see your present circumstances and feel like you are trying to fool yourself. Instead say I AM IN THE PROCESS OF BECOMING RICH. This way will eliminate doubts and may feel more real to you. Having said this, where ever possible use the present tense. Just use your judgement as to how much you really believe it. If you believe yourself to be good looking go right ahead and utter I AM ATTRACTIVE, if you don’t believe that however, try I AM GETTING MORE ATTRACTIVE EVERYDAY. It’s more plausible to the doubting mind, and over time the weakness will become strength.

3. Repeat often, at the very least once a day

4. Be careful of the wording. The sub conscious does not acknowledge negatives, DO NOT IMAGINE A PINK ELEPHANT UP A BLUE TREE. I know what you just did; you just thought of a pink elephant up a blue tree didn’t you? This is because our sub conscious mind does not register negatives. It skipped the DO NOT in my suggestion to you and went with the more positive command of IMAGINE A PINK ELEPHANT UP A BLUE TREE, which you did. In a recent Derren Brown experiment he illustrated this concept of negative suggestion, by suggesting to his unsuspecting participant, that if she were to press the red button in front of her it would kill a cat in a glass tank next to her. He repeats many times, DO NOT PRESS THE RED BUTTON, whatever you do; do not press the red button. Then he leaves the room. Guess what she does? Yes, she pressed it, even though it is plain to see she likes the cat and really doesn’t want to do it, he has actually suggested to her PRESS THE RED BUTTON, whatever you do, press the red button, too many times for her to resist the urge. By the way, the cat was fine and afterwards he explains to her it was all a set up, and gave her a prize to compensate for enduring the ordeal. Why am I telling you this? Because the same applies in autosuggestion, negative suggestion will also work and give you the reverse effect. So instead of saying IM NOT FAT, say I AM LEAN, MUSCULAR AND TONED, rather than IM NOT STUPID, declare IM SO INTELLIGENT! Catch my drift? Make sure all your statements are worded positively. The sub conscious mind is like fertile land, but it will bring forth weeds just as readily as it will desirable crops. Therefore, take care that you only sow desirable seeds.

5. Make it specific and general. For example I AM BRILLIANT AT FOOTBALL would be very general, to be more distinct you could say I WILL SCORE A HAT TRICK or I WILL KEEP A CLEAN SHEET, depending on whether you’re a striker or a goalie, just tailor it your own needs.

6. Where ever it is relevant, use I AM…, there is something very powerful about those words. God describes himself to us in this way. It is wise for us to do so too, so long as you declare something constructive and good.

7. Write them down! Writing them is not only a good way to record them, but also the process of actually writing you’re affirmations out is very beneficial and quite therapeutic.

8. Remember the compliments you receive, Forget the insults. Those are words from the song Sunscreen by Baz Luhrmann. They are very important. We must always remember it is not just our own opinions that affect us. Others are also using autosuggestion on you. If someone says YOUR FAT, YOUR A TERRIBLE SINGER or YOUR BROTHER IS THE SMART ONE, unfortunately we readily accept these types of comments as true and they can be hard to shake off. Many build inferiority complexes because a parent, spouse, colleague or friend was too careless to think of the effect such a comment may have. In turn we must always monitor that which we say to others. If it is not uplifting then don’t say it. Also when we do receive a compliment, accept it! It’s ok! For some reason we as humans find it so tough to show gratitude for a compliment. Someone says WOW I LOVE YOUR DRESS, and the response is “Oh you mean this old thing? No it makes my bum look big”. Accept the compliment and perhaps reply with one too. The more you give and accept compliments the more you will receive. The less you mock others and ignore when they do offend you, you will discover the amount of insults you receive from others will decrease.

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