New Red Ring of Death Repair

If you’re in need of a red ring of death repair then in this article you are going to find what is thought to be the only known repair for this error. For four years 360 owners have been struggling with the red ring of death. And for four years the manufacturer has been incapable of assisting and helping it’s supporting customers to permanently repair this problem. appivapp For this very reason many people have made the attempt to explain and teach others how to repair this problem themselves. The problem is that most of these people don’t understand the problem properly, so their “repairs” are temporary and sometimes even permanently damaging. There has so far only be one method that actually get’s to the root of the Xbox 360’s problem, which is overheating. This method teaches you how to protect your system from it to stop the red ring of death for good.

As I said above, the issue with the Xbox 360 is overheating, and the only way to implement a proper red ring of death repair is to solve the overheating problem. Unfortunately the Xbox 360 uses more power than it’s capable of handling. This essentially causes problems for the components inside the 360 that weren’t ever prepared against the amount of heat that is created inside the 360. There are two essential parts that need to be better protected and these are the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) the CPU (Central Processing). These two chips are vital for the 360 and without these working properly, the system cannot run.

What essentially happens is when the console overheats the motherboard is directly affected and it starts to bend. There are two pieces of hardware on the motherboard called the Heat Sinks which are designed to keep the GPU and CPU cool and away from direct heat exposure. But when the motherboard bends, the heat sinks get thrown out of place, exposing both the GPU and CPU where they then become vulnerable to the heat and eventually overheat under the pressure. This is what causes the red ring of death. And the only red ring of death repair, is to protect the GPU and CPU.

Both the GPU and CPU are encoated in a thermal protective paste that unfortunately was not designed to withstand the amount of heat that is created by the 360. The solution then is to simply remove the old paste and appy a new thermal compound paste with a higher heat resistance. This will effectively protect both of the GPU and CPU in the future and prevent future console failures. After this repair has been made there is only one more that will be required to permanently repair your console.

Next we will need to make sure that the heat sinks will stay in place to keep the GPU and CPU protected. This step is simpler than the first and will take less time. All that will be required is for you to remove the X-Clamps that originally held the heat sinks in place. Then with a set of washers and screws you will create a new foundation using this hardware to secure the heat sinks to the motherboard. Once this repair has been made the heat sinks will be properly secured protecting both the GPU and CPU properly.

After these two repairs have been made your console will be properly repaired and protected against the heat created from the Xbox 360. Since no other red ring of death repair seems to understand the dynamics that cause the Red Ring of Death, this repair has helped thousands who have utilized it. It is because this repair has had such monumental success that I would highly advise it to anyone who is having red light problems. For four years 360 owners have gone without a solid repair, but now they have one to permanently repair their console and never have to worry about it dying on them again.

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