Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a reinvented concept that is poised to take the IT sectors by storm. It promises to radically change the way you look at business application software and IT infrastructure as a whole.

The concept is absolutely very simple. Cloud computing will make truly expensive business application software available for small and medium sized businesses through a shared data center and delivered as web based applications. It eliminates the need for these businesses to have a physical data center on their location, thereby dispensing with the need to have a complex IT infrastructure with all those cooling systems, storage, third party application software, and an IT team to configure, install, and maintain a plethora of hardware and software.

If you are a business owner and would want to have these business software applications help you run your business, but presently do not have enough funds to spend for this system, then you might want to take a hard look at cloud computing technology. Cloud computing will make these top of the line business software applications available to you through a shared data center. EarnWithSocial  All you would need is to subscribe to any of countless providers offering software as a service at a very low monthly subscription rate and you’re good to go!

How will it benefit you in any way? Well, try thinking about this situation. You buy a business software application, pay for its license, pay for renewal of the license, hire somebody to install, configure, and maintain it, upgrade your network hardware, and a lot of other things that you have to do if you choose to do it on your own. Then, when everything seems to run perfectly, a power outage happens and boom! You’ll certainly be faced with tremendous problems which even your IT personnel cannot begin to deal with. So, you call up technical support and what do they tell you? Nothing! They just pass the blame to your hardware, network, and they might even think of blaming your ancestors.

With cloud computing, these things are not bound to happen because back at the state of the art data center that these providers have, they maintain top of the line equipment and experts who can deal with any problem that may arise. Well, you won’t notice the problem because as soon as they appear, these providers’ secondary data centers will take over, giving you uninterrupted service.

You don’t have to pay for upgrades or licenses because these providers are the ones who are responsible for payments and stuff. Wouldn’t it be great to have this service at your end?



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