Fear Public Speaking

The presenter reaches the head of the room and takes a seat at a table in a way that people at the back barely can see and hear him, as he begin with a paper in his hand and with a soft monotone. TheBusinessDaily You have to struggle to hardly understand the gist of his topic.long sentences,miserable metaphors filled with jargon. As time goes by, your resistance start to shrink and shrink till it vanishes then and only then, you fall asleep. Now, the question that we have to ask ourselves is whether we want our audiences to experience what is described above? Rather, what would you expect out of them when they live the miserable moment as our friend lived?

Of course,nobody wants to even think about it. Do you? Well, the reason why I dedicate this article is to tackle this problem before your next presentation opportunity. I have gathered for you some proven techniques that will brighten you as a speaker and leave the audience ruptured toward your performance. Too good to be true? Let’s dive right in and see …

1) Do you know that you can impress your audience significantly even before you utter a word? YES you can do so through your body movement. Before you speak or make any contact with them, take your full time to set up properly and confidently as it sends a burning and aflamed message that you are the right guy to stand up there and no one else. In this particular moment, make sure the stage is organized in a way that suits your needs, put your notes together so that they are easily accessible and prepare your individual equipment.

2) Let the power of first impressions astonish the audience as it strengthens your appearance. Make sure you found out what clothing is appropriate for the occasion. Just dress a bit more formally. This will be enough for them to understand that both the presentation and the audience are important to you.

3) As you know, body language consists of appearance, facial expressions, postures, movements, gestures and eye contact. Perhaps, this latter is the most influential one among these components. You may heard the saying “the eyes are the windows of the soul,” in our case, the eyes are our keys to get our message across efficiently and effectively. Make sure to maintain a constant eye contact with all the viewers ranging from the front to the back, and from the left to the right.

4) As important as eye contact,facial expressions can make an enormous difference in the audience’s receptiveness. Proper facial expressions invigorate the content of the speech. You can show your good intentions with a smile at the beginning and during the speech process. Also express your perplexity, puzzlement and unpleasantness with the respective expressions.

5) Another influential factor in the speech-making process is the use of voice. It is crucial that one should varies his or her pitch, rate, volume and speed as he or she speaks for dynamism and lethargy avoidance sake.we use pitch to stress on the importance of a word and add emotions to it as the best way to boost the attractiveness of the speech. An additional factor to pay more attention to is the rate of speech,it includes the pause and the speed.use pause when you want to emphasis a thought that you have just uttered.

All in all, the success you will receive depends largely on whether you apply what is mentioned above or not. I guarantee that you will achieve more that you ever expected out of your presentations once you implement these strategies that the most skillful presenters all over the world are implementing to maximize there efforts.



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