Freestyle skiing 2021

The free-form skiing , free-form skiing in English, is a term showed up in the last part of the 1970s uniting new trains of high skiing with the ski knocks , the aerobatic hops and ski artful dance that every one of the three are coordinated into the lap of International Ski Federation 1 . During the 2000s, the International Ski Federation fused new teaches under the name ” free-form skiing ” (in a real sense free-form, “we do what we need” 2 ) showing up toward the finish of the 1990s: the slopestyle , investor skiing, skicross , half line and huge air 1 , whose occasions (aside from magnates) are additionally accessible with the snowboard rendition .

The International Olympic Committee , as far as concerns its, unites every one of these orders in its program of Olympic occasions under the name “free-form skiing” and uses the term free-form skiing just for the controls made during the 1990s, the International Ski Federation sorts out as far as it matters for its the FIS Freestyle, Freeski and Snowboard World Championships by embracing the term free-form and freeski. In winter sports resort for their training, they are on the whole the subject of created regions, some called snowparks or snow parks.

At long last, many ski schools offer new ski rehearses additionally creating in off-piste and in snowparks, gathered under the expression “freeski” and which comes in two sub-classifications: from one viewpoint, freeride skiing where the lone limitation is that of the territory, and then again free-form skiing.tremplin-numerique


Wording and practices

As indicated by the International Olympic Committee

The expression “Free-form Skiing” has been supported by the International Olympic Committee to assign all Olympic orders since first experience with the Olympic program in 1988. On the 1988 Olympic program, free-form skiing contains three orders: head honcho skiing , free-form bouncing and the ski expressive dance (or acroski). During the 2000s, after the withdrawal of ski artful dance, new teaches were consolidated into the Olympic program ( slopestyle , skicross , half line were incorporated, like huge air. which will be in 2022) and come from what the IOC calls “Free-form Skiing”, all still under the name “Free-form Skiing”, so the Olympic program is currently comprised of five orders.

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