Music Review – Tuface’s Unstoppable Album

Music success is indeed capricious. Tuface’s first and second albums Face to face (2004) and grass to grace (2006) started receiving massive radio anatomy immediately they came out. The much awaited third album has finally been released. It is a big surprise that about three weeks since it came out, the radio stations are hardly playing it despite the collaboration with R-Kelly and the duo of Shakademous and Pliers.

Knowing Tuface’s pedigree, I decided to buy a copy of the album, titled unstoppable as I passed through Terminus market the other day. After playing it, these are my findings:

The album is not a product of the work of a man who wants to be allowed to enjoy the money he has made, as many claim. The implication of that statement is that money has made the artiste lazy. The solo and second albums had ten and eleven tracks respectively, excluding intro and outro. The current album has seventeen excluding the introduction and closing tracts, six tracks ahead of the second album, thereby rendering the critics wrong. Nigerian Music  Tuface has grown into a man. The current album is also a mirror of the psychological change that accompanies maturity

Generally the album is made up of danceable tracts that are an embodiment of the typical Nigerian contemporary music style of laying local lyrical style on an instrumentation that is largely western. The numbers free, pako and appreciate it seem to be addressing his personal life experiences.

The collaboration with the Jamaican duo of Shakademous and Pliers and American R-Kelly actualized the artiste’s ambition of becoming the biggest Nigerian musician of all time. In the song so proud which features the Jamaicans however, the Caribbean artistes took a greater portion of the duration so that it seemed he was the one being featured. Regarding flex (time to have sex), R-Kelly seemed to be holding back to avoid giving too much to a song that is not his. Furthermore, we are not so permissive in Nigeria to the point of talking about time to have sex so freely.

By-and-large however, the album is a masterpiece. It is too early to pronounce the album as a failed project. The duet with the world class artistes has indeed confirmed him as Nigeria’s greatest of all time nonetheless.



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