Guide on How to Choose a New Car Number Plate

In today’s era, a car comes in the list of the basic necessities over being a luxury item as it carries great importance for an individual or a family or merely a business. Owning a car is not a big deal anymore. Upon understanding the common man’s demand, manufacturers have come up with cheaper models which will deliver only performance and will help in the automation of their daily life. But owning a car for the first time is not so easy as it sounds. The owner needs to complete the registrations, fill up all the paper works, file insurance and then only he or she can go for the whole. With cars come car plates, which, of course, is a necessary element for every car owner. Nowadays, there are many companies who deal in buying and selling these number plates. Apart from all these physical vendors,      kk-leap   one can surely acquire his or her own new number plate from online vendors given that the online sellers have some reputation of trust already.

Deciding factors:

Choosing a number plate with the right mixture of numbers and letters is essential for the mind as it may reflect a precious date or something else through the numbers. Having said that, you should keep in mind the following factors while choosing your number plate-

1. Length: Many people have bad memories. A number plate with a large number seems to look bad or is hard to remember when a two or three digit number plate is available. Thus, the shorter the number, the easier it is to remember. For example, a triple digit number plate like W234 seems more convenient than W234567.

2. Duplicate: Among the most popular car number plates, duplicate numbers are the most commonly sought. Double, triple and quad numbers are in the tender list and hotly contested too.

3. Mirror effect: Mirror effect is basically the effect of getting the image reflected to the other side down the middle line. Symmetry seems to be more attractive and convenient in terms of remembering and also for the readability.

4. Readability: Some numbers and alphabets look like each other when vied from a distance. Like ‘8’ seems to be ‘B” and ‘O’ seems to be ‘0’. Try to avoid these letters and numbers for better readability. In addition, engaging letters with some social connection enhances its value and attractiveness. Acronyms can be used for the number plates as well.

5. Cultural: Some numbers may seem to be unlucky, in bad taste or even considered to be vulgar as well. As the number ’13’ is considered unlucky while ‘4’, which is pronounced like ‘sei’ in Cantonese language, means death. You may want to avoid these numbers.

6. Individual preference: Individual preference matters as well as in such case only you will remember the meaning of the number. You may want to set your Birthdate or anniversary date as your car number as a loving memory. In the end, what matters most is that you like the number that you put on your new car. It is personalized for you and it represents your identity.

Using the above-mentioned factors, you will get a really long list of numbers. But you should choose what fits your identity more and the one which serves your purpose better.

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