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Published posthumously in Swedish and later came in English in UK ‘The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s nest is wonder literary work of Steig Larsson. The title keeps the literary meaning ‘ The Air Castle That was Blown Up. Larsson worked as a journalist for many days and several master piece novel came after his death. Among his monumental novels are Millennium Trilogy which is a crime novel. After Khaled Hosseini he was one who became the second best selling author in the world in year 2008. His book done a great business. Nearly 27 million of his Cheap Books Millennium Trilogy was sold across the world.

Initially started his career as  Steigercentrum kamersteiger 90cm  political activist for Communist Workers League a political party as well as labor union in Sweden he was a photographer at the same time. He carried the work of editor in one of the leading Swedish journal. He wrote extensively for the weekly Internationalen. His political conviction mixed with journalistic experiences encourages him to the foundation of Swedish Expo Foundation. It was aimed to counteract the growth of extreme right and white power culture. He was instrumental to expose extreme right group. He went in hibernation for little period of time as he felt death threats from his political rivalries.

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Net shrouds the story of Lisbeth Salander, the protagonist of the novel. She is a computer hacker which has tattoo on body parts. Lisbeth has also been the fictional character of his award winning Millennium Trilogy. She is described as a pale, anorexic young woman and has a tattoo on her neck. The story is interesting and the reader find themselves tied with it from first to last and Cheap Children Books, horror books etc.

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Stieg Larsson is one of those authors whose life story is as interesting a journey as that of the characters he created for his novels. Even more so perhaps, because it is real life, not fiction.

Larson’s first career was in the largely harmless and safe profession of graphic designer and photographer. But the young Larsson had bigger things on his mind. As a science fiction fan from a young age, Larsson loved books and writing and as he matured, he slowly transformed himself into a journalist. More importantly, he transformed himself into a committed crusader against right wing extremist groups in Sweden and in Europe.

He was inspired in this regard by the life on his grandfather Sverin Bostrom, a well known anti fascist in his day, who was imprisoned by the Nazis during the second world war for his Anti Nazi beliefs.

Larsson became an expert on right wing extremism, giving lectures for Scotland Yard on the subject, and eventually became the editor of an influential anti extremist magazine, Expo.

Stieg’s expertise did not come without risk. For the last 15 years of his life, with his public profile growing, Larsson and his life long partner, Eva Gabrielson, an anti Vietnam War demonstrator in her youth, lived under constant threat to their lives from underground extremist groups. The couple avoided being seen in public, lived in a shuttered house, and kept details about their lives as secret as possible. Knowing a good deal about how right wing extremist groups worked, Larsson actually wrote a book for the Swedish Union of Journalists, on how journalists should protect themselves from threats.

It was in fact the isolation brought about by the threats, that led Stieg to write his novels, alone at home at night, as a form of relaxation. The three novels together form what is now known as “The Millennium Series.”


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